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The young GRANDSON of vicious swan Mr Asbo is following in his grandfather’s footsteps after terrorising punters on the River Cam.

The fledgling fiend, who has been nickhamed Asbaby, has been pecking petrified punters on the famous Backs in the university city.

Denbies cutting 2A vineyard has become the FIRST in the UK to commercially produce a Sauvignon Blanc wine from grapes grown on its own estate.

Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey planted the Sauvignon Blanc grapes four years ago on the three acre trial plot and this is the first year they have been harvested.


An incredible image of a pine marten captured on camera mid-leap against the background of a night sky is the winner of an annual photo competition to celebrate British mammals./strong>

It was among 300 amazing wildlife pictures snapped in the British Isles for the annual Mammal Photographer of the Year competition. The photos of foxes and fawns, badgers and bunnies and hares and hedgehogs are reminders of the marvellous array of mammals which exist around us.

Barn Owls Metro CuttingA farmer was amazed to find a rare brood of SEVEN baby BARN OWLS in his nesting box – in a year which has seen numbers of the bird drop to a record low.

Nicholas Watts has had barn owl boxes on his farm in Lincolnshire for the last 30 years and visited more than 250 nests, but this is only the SECOND time he has seen such a big brood.


Asboy cutting

The son of vicious swan Mr Asbo is following in his father’s footsteps by terrorising punters on the River Cam in Cambridge during the peak summer season.

The feathered fiend, who has been nicknamed Asboy, is targeting terrified tourists as they row and punt on the famous Backs in the university city.

His dad, Mr Asbo, was moved to a secret location by the river authorities two years ago and had his wings clipped to stop him returning after he repeatedly attacked and bit rowers.

Sunflowers-1The sunny summer weather has helped produce a bumper crop at Britain's biggest sunflower farm - but sadly all six million blooms will be fed to the birds.

It looks like a scene from the south of France but the high temperatures in July and August have helped this spectacular crop of sunflowers flourish in the heart of the UK.

"The sunflowers have really enjoyed the sunny summer weather like us and we are expecting a very good crop," said Lucy Watts, 35, manager of bird food at the 2,000 acre family-run farm. "They had a difficult start as we had a cold May and June and they flowered around 10 days later than usual, but they have since flourished in the sun. We have had lots of comments from people saying how spectacular they look in the fields."



These dramatic pictures show the moment Hurricane Bertha hit the East of England – bringing torrential rain and strong winds.

Large black storm clouds loomed over the large skies as the hurricane arrived in the historic city of Cambridge.

The storm hit Cornwall and Devon and then worked its way north eastwards throughout the day with heavy rain, hail stones and thunder.

Daffodils rotting clippingThis field of golden daffodils is one of many in the UK that is being left to ROT because they have flowered too late to go on sale.

The beautiful bright blooms have finally opened following weeks of freezing temperatures, frost and snow.


These beautiful shots of BRITISH birds and beasts have been selected from hundreds of entries in an annual photo competition.

The stunning images show a spectrum of British wildlife, including stoats, snakes, owls and otters. A cute close-up of a water vole, taken by George Wheelhouse, from Beds, was the winner of the third Native and Natural photo contest, which was run by the British Wildlife Centre. 

Virginia Creeper CuttingThe largest wall of Virginia Creeper in Britain is turning a blaze of red as the mild weather sees this year’s autumn leaves produce some spectacular colours.

The tinting trees are particularly vibrant and intense this autumn as the mix of sunny days and cold nights has concentrated the sugar in their leaves.

Feral-goats-cuttingA primitive feral GOAT with half a horn looks like a mythical unicorn as it eats SEAWEED on the beach.

The elusive prehistoric-looking creature was snapped by photographer Ron McCombe in Carsaig on the Isle of Mull on Scotland’s west coast. The herd of primitive goats, which have huge horns and shaggy coats, are extremely hard to find and are rarely photographed.






Meteor1Photographers have captured a photo of a meteor spotted in the night sky above Britain.

The bright lights were seen streaking through the sky in the North of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Many people in Manchester, Leeds and Blackpool have also been posting pictures of the meteor.


A female model has become the first person in the world to do a death-defying underwater dance with wild killer TIGER SHARKS.

Hannah Fraser held her breath and plunged 15 METRES below the Atlantic Ocean in the Bahamas to swim with a shoal of the world’s most dangerous shark species.

A Field of DaffodilsLittle three-year-old Daisy Sears skips with delight through rows of golden daffodils as the flowers finally emerge just in time for Mother’s Day.

The bright yellow plants are now in full bloom in parks and gardens across Britain and are at their best this week.

Smog 1 cuttingHave a look at some cuttings from our story about the 2014 Spring smog event.


Meteor CuttingAn amateur astronomer is believed to have captured a photo of a meteor near his home in Northern Scotland.

Graeme Whipps spotted the bright light while taking photos of the aurora in Chapel of Garioch near Aberdeen.


These birds, butterflies, beasts and bugs are among hundreds of species that have become EXTINCT in England over the last 200 YEARS.

Wildlife experts have launched the LARGEST ever online portal of information about the incredible 421 species which have disappeared from our country since 1814.


Rare snowdropA rare snowdrop is looking rather glum as another variety has become the most expensive snowdrop bulb ever sold.

The distinctive “Grumpy” snowdrop which has two eyes and a turned-down mouth etched on one of its petals sells for around £100 a bulb. But a single bulb of the Scottish Elizabeth Harrison, Galanthus woronowii, snowdrop has gone for a massive £725 on eBay.

Otter cutting 2

You would expect this otter in Scotland to have indigestion after feasting on a venomous spiky SCORPION FISH – rarely seen in British waters

But the creature settled down for a contended snooze after tucking into his tasty seafood treat, which is normally found among coral reefs in tropical seas.


Christmas tress need frost press cuttingChristmas tree growers in Britain are in desperate need of a COLD snap to toughen up their trees for the festive season.