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Farmers are celebrating their best crop of lavender for 10 YEARS thanks to the perfect mix of sun and showers this summer. The spectacular fields of bright purple lavender at Cadwell Farm in Hitchin, Herts, are set to produce the biggest crop for a decade and have been attracting hundreds of visitors.

“The lavender looks amazing this year and we are expecting our best ever crop,” said Tim Hunter, who helps run family business Hitchin Lavender at the farm. “We have been very lucky with the weather. The plants have had plenty of sunshine and when it has rained the showers have been very heavy which has helped the plants grow much bigger than usual.”

Visitors were admiring the fragrant flowers in the fields as they made the most of the warm and dry weather, with top temperatures of 24C. Tim, his brother Nick and their parents have more than 25 miles of lavender plants at the farm in Hitchin, which had a thriving lavender industry until the 1960’s. They turned to lavender when they decided to diversify from cereals 15 years ago and now grow more than 100,000 plants and produce around 250 litres of lavender oil a year.

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