The streets of Ely in Cambridgeshire were brought to a standstill as crowds gathered to watch a re-enactment of the QUEEN’S WEDDING for upcoming Netflix drama The Crown.

Queen Elizabeth II, played by actress Claire Foy, was seen stepping out of a gold horse-drawn carriage and entering Ely Cathedral, which is doubling for Westminster Abbey in the 10-episode series. Crowds lined the streets to watch as the momentous occasion from November 20, 1947 was carefully reconstructed in the Fenland city.

Asboy cutting

The son of vicious swan Mr Asbo is following in his father’s footsteps by terrorising punters on the River Cam in Cambridge during the peak summer season.

The feathered fiend, who has been nicknamed Asboy, is targeting terrified tourists as they row and punt on the famous Backs in the university city.

His dad, Mr Asbo, was moved to a secret location by the river authorities two years ago and had his wings clipped to stop him returning after he repeatedly attacked and bit rowers.


The Beckhams have been spotted PUNTING on the River Cam in Cambridge.

David and Victoria Beckham took their children on a punting trip along the famous Cambridge University Backs for a Bank Holiday family outing. David, who has just celebrated his 40th birthday, was spotted in one punt with his three boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and Victoria was seen in a second punt cuddling Harper.

Dull-man-cutting-1The twelve DULLEST men in Great Britain are featured in a new calendar.

A DRAIN spotter, TRAFFIC CONE enthusiast and BRICK collector are among the "boring" Brits who appear in The Dull Men's Club calendar.

A man who collects milk bottles, the founder of the Apostrophe Protection Society and a retired greenkeeper who loves lawnmowers have also made it into the top dozen dull men.



Holly Metro Cutting

A little girl who cannot WALK or TALK has seen her modelling career go from strength to strength after she was selected to star in a fashion shoot for a major supermarket.

Holly Greenhow, 9, has Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, which severely affects her movement, balance and speech, but amazingly she has now taken part in TWO modelling campaigns.


A 92-YEAR-OLD former Spitfire pilot has become Britain’s oldest male skydiver to leap out of a plane at an incredible 12,000 FEET.

War veteran Peter Proctor flew Spitfires and Hurricanes every day for four years during the Second World War, but never had to use a parachute.


A woman, believed to be in her 20's, had to be rescued after she almost drowned whilst punting on the River Cam in the historic city of Cambridge.

The woman, who couldn't swim, was pulled to safety by her friends after she disappeared under the water for several seconds in the terrifying incident on the busy river.


These dramatic pictures show the moment Hurricane Bertha hit the East of England – bringing torrential rain and strong winds.

Large black storm clouds loomed over the large skies as the hurricane arrived in the historic city of Cambridge.

The storm hit Cornwall and Devon and then worked its way north eastwards throughout the day with heavy rain, hail stones and thunder.


The young GRANDSON of vicious swan Mr Asbo is following in his grandfather’s footsteps after terrorising punters on the River Cam.

The fledgling fiend, who has been nickhamed Asbaby, has been pecking petrified punters on the famous Backs in the university city.

Oldest BarmaidA great-great grandmother who is the OLDEST bar maid in the world is celebrating her 100th BIRTHDAY – but has no plans to retire.

Dolly Saville still works three days a week at The Red Lion Hotel in Wendover, Bucks, where she has been pulling pints for an incredible 74 YEARS since 1940. The pensioner started working at the bar when she was just 26 and King George VI was on the throne, Winston Churchill was Prime Minister and Britain was in the grip of World War Two.


An incredible image of a pine marten captured on camera mid-leap against the background of a night sky is the winner of an annual photo competition to celebrate British mammals./strong>

It was among 300 amazing wildlife pictures snapped in the British Isles for the annual Mammal Photographer of the Year competition. The photos of foxes and fawns, badgers and bunnies and hares and hedgehogs are reminders of the marvellous array of mammals which exist around us.


These beautiful shots of BRITISH birds and beasts have been selected from hundreds of entries in an annual photo competition.

The stunning images show a spectrum of British wildlife, including stoats, snakes, owls and otters. A cute close-up of a water vole, taken by George Wheelhouse, from Beds, was the winner of the third Native and Natural photo contest, which was run by the British Wildlife Centre. 

Ladybird-cuts-1Thousands of nostalgic baby boomers have taken part in a Twitter challenge to spot the difference between popular Peter and Jane pictures in Ladybird books from the 1960s and subtle new versions drawn a decade later.

Helen Day, who has more than 10,000 Ladybird books, enjoys comparing the famous Reading Scheme books . These were printed in 1964 then updated in the 70s and 80s to reflect Britain’s changing society.

Feral-goats-cuttingA primitive feral GOAT with half a horn looks like a mythical unicorn as it eats SEAWEED on the beach.

The elusive prehistoric-looking creature was snapped by photographer Ron McCombe in Carsaig on the Isle of Mull on Scotland’s west coast. The herd of primitive goats, which have huge horns and shaggy coats, are extremely hard to find and are rarely photographed.







Viewers have criticised the BBC for “dodgy” make-up in the first episode of new Cornish drama series Poldark.

Many have taken to Twitter to complain about the unrealistic scar on the cheek of main character Captain Ross Poldark, played by actor Aidan Turner.


A female model has become the first person in the world to do a death-defying underwater dance with wild killer TIGER SHARKS.

Hannah Fraser held her breath and plunged 15 METRES below the Atlantic Ocean in the Bahamas to swim with a shoal of the world’s most dangerous shark species.


Comedian David Walliams has been spotted filming a sketch for Comic Relief with Catherine Tate and Professor Stephen Hawking.

The actor was seen dressed as the character Lou from Little Britain, who looks after wheelchair-bound Andy, played by Matt Lucas, in the series.

But this time Matt Lucas was replaced by Professor Hawking in the comedy sketch, which is due to be broadcast on Red Nose Day.&nbsp


A baby blackbird got lucky when it came across Britain's worst ever bird-catching cat.

The heroic hatchling escaped without even ruffling its feathers after the cat made numerous attempts to catch him - but failed. 


A BABY has been nicknamed Harry Styles after he was born with a thick head of black hair like the One Direction pop star.

Little Harvey Johnson was born with a full head of luscious locks much to the surprise of his parents.

The four-month-old stunned mum Lucy Carter, 26, and dad Ian Johnson, 32, when he arrived with a mane of hair, which has kept on growing.


Families basked in the sunshine on the River Cam in Cambridge as England enjoyed temperatures of TWICE the normal average for this time of year.

Many went punting on the historic Backs as temperatures hit double figures in parts of the country, with highs of 13C in London. The average temperature for February is usually 6C, but many Brits stepped out without a coat for the first time after weeks of storms and flooding.