Pet TattoosJayne Jubb, 47, who shares her home with more than TWENTY animals, including racoons, a piranha, snake and a fox, has already had half of them drawn across her neck, arms and back.

A terminally ill woman is having all her beloved pets TATTOOED on her body so she can take them with her when she dies.

She is now hoping to get an iguana tattooed on her neck and still find space for her pet snake, dogs and cockatiels.

DalmationsA Dalmation has broken the world record by producing a massive 33 puppies in just two separate litters.

Button equalled the UK's record of 15 puppies in one litter just over a year ago and now she has knocked spots off that with another amazing 18.

Herods TempleA retired farmer has spent more than 30 YEARS building an enormous scale model of a Biblical temple – and it is still not finished.

Alec Garrard, 78, has dedicated a massive 33,000 hours to constructing the ancient Herod’s Temple, which measures a whopping 20ft by 12ft.

Micro PigsTiny pigs the size of tea cups are the latest pet craze sweeping across Britain.

The must-have micro pigs have become so popular they are almost impossible to get hold of in the UK and sell for up to £700 each.

Giant RoosterA giant ROOSTER growing out of a hedge is causing motorists to be COCK-A -HOOT HOOT HOOT.

The amazing cockerel-shaped tree has been causing commuters to do a double take as it struts its stuff at the side of a busy road.

Fighting HorsesIt may look like the plains of America but incredibly this rare shot of two wild stallions sparring was snapped in the English countryside.

The two konik horses were spotted fighting on the wetlands of Wicken Fen just 10 miles away from the city of Cambridge. The stallions reared up and boxed with their hind legs in a sight which has rarely been seen in Britain for 4,000 years when the last herds of wild horses roamed these fields.

ElvisAn Elvis Presley fan has survived a round-the-world trip dressed as his idol – despite a number of near-death experiences and clashes with security guards.

Matt Hale has remarkably made it through 25 countries wearing an Elvis-style white jumpsuit, bouffant wig and shades after being involved in a bus crash, taxi accident and several brushes with the law.

Paralysed Pup Walks AgainA dog who was paralysed has taken his first steps after pioneering treatment by scientists at Cambridge University.

Experts hope the procedure could eventually be used to help humans with severe spinal injuries after its success in getting pet pooch Henry back on his feet.

Busking Bin ManA man who sings in a BIN has helped to persuade a city council that busking is not RUBBISH.

Busking bin man Charles Cavey, 29, plays his guitar whilst squeezed into a tiny metal rubbish bin. At 5ft 9 he finds his job cramped and smelly but has proved a huge hit with passers-by.

Bravest Mouse In BritainIs this the bravest little field mouse in Britain?

The tiny creature turned into the mouse that roared after a cat ventured too near his nest.

The mighty mouse stood up and let out his loudest squeak despite being just a cat’s whisker away from death.

Dead Fly ArtAn artist has caused a buzz by using DEAD FLIES and other insects to create his pictures.

Magnus Muhr, 40, has become a global internet sensation with his hilarious high-flying artwork.

The photographer collects insect carcasses from windows and lamps around his house, then gives them a new life in his fly circus with a few strokes of his pen.

DalmationsThis is what it’s like taking 18 playful dalmatian pups for a walk.

The world record-breaking litter gave owner Adam Morley a ruff time when he took them for a play in the park.

GR-LORD-OF-THE-RINGS009-mediumA fan of fantasy trilogy Lord of the Rings has spent SIX YEARS and her entire life savings creating a stunning PREQUEL to the films.

Kate Madison, 31, spent an incredible £25,000 making the film, Born of Hope, which has already been watched by more than half a MILLION people.

Ducklings Journey To RiverCustomers had a surprise when they encountered a proud mother duck and her 11 ducklings waddling through a charity shop.

The fluffy new family had to be escorted to safety by staff after they hatched on an 8ft wall in the backyard of the Kidney Research UK charity outlet in St Ives, Cambs.

ImageA James Bond fan who was fed up with drivers cutting him up has invented the ultimate gadget to gain his revenge – a moped which fires 15ft FLAMES.

Colin Furze, 30, spent a month converting the sports scooter, which can travel up to 60mph and blast anything which comes too close.