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Beach Hut
A man has built the world’s first subterranean BEACH HUT with TWO underground floors.

Inventor Colin Furze, 37, spent 12 HOURS digging the EIGHT-FOOT deep seaside bolthole with friend Rick Simpson on the shores of Six Marshes Beach, near Skegness in Lincolnshire. The pair removed an incredible six-and-a-half TONNES of sand to create the impressive three-floor hut, which features a lounge and children’s playroom.

Colin used large sheets of wood, which he cut at home, to shore up the sandy walls and even covered them with wallpaper.

“I go to the beach every year with my family and we always end up digging a big hole, so I came up with the idea to create an underground beach hut,” said Colin. “It was back-breaking work digging out the sand, but worth it in the end. The hut looks fantastic and we had lots of positive feedback from other people on the beach.”

Colin built the beach hut, which measures four foot by four foot, about 20 metres from the high tide mark so it wouldn’t flood. He created a seaside room on the top floor, a children’s playroom on the middle floor and an adult lounge at the bottom, adding pictures, toys, a clock and even lighting to give it a homely feel.

He added: “I did think about trying to dig down to water level and create a spa on the bottom floor, but we didn’t manage to get down quite that far. As we dug we shored up the walls with wood, like a big flat pack box, then I added the traditional wooden beach hut on top. It was a bit scary sitting on the bottom floor and a couple of moments when I felt the power of the sand, but I knew it wouldn’t collapse because of the wooden structure.”

Colin left the beach hut standing for a day but then had to remove it as it wasn’t safe to leave because the wood would eventually fail and collapse.

He added: “It was really sad to take it all down. It would have been a great hut to have as a permanent office and the view was amazing.”

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