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Tiger Zoo
A zoo has been evacuated after ambulance crews and the air ambulance attended a “serious incident”.

Cambridgeshire Police have confirmed they were called at 11.15am to reports of a serious incident at Hamerton Zoo Park in Steeple Gidding, Cambridgeshire. Officers attended the scene with ambulance crews and MAGPAS.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said: “We are unable further information available at this time, however, we can confirm that no animals have escaped and members of the public are safe. We will provide a further update when we are able to.”

A spokeswoman for MAGPAS added: “At 11:34am today (29th), Magpas Air Ambulance landed at Hamerton Zoo in Cambridgeshire, after the Magpas enhanced doctor and paramedic team was called to a very serious incident. An EEAST Ambulance Service paramedic crew and two rapid response vehicles were also in attendance, alongside the Police. For any further information, please contact Cambridgeshire Police. We have no more information at this time.”

Visitor to the park, Chris Hubbard, later tweeted: “Police and air ambulance called to @HamertonZoo and guests are being cleared out. Hope everyone’s okay.”

Jeff Knott added: “Reports of “running in horror” and a “stampede” at #HamertonZoo are, from what I saw, nonsense. Calm and professional evacuation by staff.”

Hamerton Zoo Park, near Sawtry in Cambridgeshire is a 25-acre wildlife park with 500 animals from more than 100 different species, focusing on lemurs, cats and birds. The zoo has had notable breeding success with various endangered species and is rapidly expanding its collection with Malaysian tigers arriving in 2015. It is also home to three white tigers. The zoo also has an oncilla, Canadian lynx, cheetah, collared lemurs, flamingo, racoons, meerkats, wallabies, a giant anteater and a two toed sloth.

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