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Dad Blocks Rubbish Tip Entrance
THE DAD of missing airman Corrie McKeague blockaded the entrance to a rubbish tip where his son is believed to be buried after police ended their investigation at the site.

Martin McKeague used his camper van to block the entrance to the landfill site at Milton, Cambs, in a desperate effort to get police to change their mind over stopping the search.

Officers from Suffolk and Norfolk police have spent 20 weeks sifting through 6,500 tonnes of waste at the tip but they said they have now completed the search of the area where they know waste was deposited in that period. Officers officially ended the search on Friday afternoon - 10 months after his disappearance.

Mr McKeague, who wrote on Facebook on Friday that he was "devastated" by the announcement, was in tears as he stood at the entrance to the site with his wife, Trisha. He said he wanted the police to continue searching the landfill site as they needed "closure."

He said today: "As a father, I felt I had to come back here and block off the entrance. I want the search to carry on and I hope they make the right decision today. I want them to continue to search for my son. All the facts and all the evidence lies at this landfill site and as a father and as a mother I think you would probably do the same thing. We just need them to do the right thing and continue to look for Corrie. We need closure, we need to find Corrie."

He is convinced Corrie was at the landfill site and the police just needed to continue their search at the site. He said he had been speaking to Suffolk Police today and would be heading back there this afternoon. "I've voiced my concerns," he added. His wife Trisha said the emotional toll on them had been "horrific."

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