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Cambridge Calendar
Sexy sportsmen and women at Cambridge University have bared their bums and breasts in a naked calendar to raise money for charity.

Students in the university’s sports teams, including swimming, skiing, rock n roll dancing and netball have posed naked for photos around the historical city of Cambridge. One of the pictures shows the daring students doing the SPLITS in the buff on the famous Mathematical Bridge at Queens’ College. Another shows the girls’ football team using strategically placed balls and boots to preserve their modesty. In another shot a group of nude American football players are seen punting down the historic Backs.

Student Emma Teal, who has organised the Cambridge Blues calendar with fellow undergraduates Ladislaya Ladanyi, Joanna Moest and Zoe Cohen, said: “We all really enjoyed making the calendar, although it did involve a lot of early mornings as we had to go to the locations when there weren’t too many people about. I think the students surprised a few tourists when they posed on the Mathematical Bridge as it’s very near a public path. We've had some comments that there’s no way some of the sports men and women can look that good, but no one is edited, they really do look that naturally beautiful.”

The pictures feature a variety of Cambridge University sports teams including men's volleyball, skiing, women’s football, men’s lacrosse and fencing. The photos were shot around Cambridge at locations including the Botanic Gardens, Fitzwilliam College and Downing College.

Student Ladislaya Ladanyi added: “All the teams were fantastic and very enthusiastic. Some of our outdoor shots were taken early in February when it was still snowing and still they didn’t complain despite the freezing cold low temperatures. Although the prospect of getting up and stripping off at dawn did not always seem very appealing to the team and models, the good-natured atmosphere and non-stop entertainment made the early mornings so much more enjoyable."

The calendar costs £10 from and money raised will go to Beat Eating Disorders, Mary’s Meals, Papyrus and Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.

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