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Work is continuing on the Prime Minister’s plane which has had a giant UNION JACK painted on its tail fin as part of a £900,000 paint job.

The once grey aircraft was spotted through the hangar doors in Cambridge, where it is being given a makeover with a massive red, white and blue flag painted on its rear. The RAF Airbus Voyager has been undergoing a revamp at Marshall Aerospace and as the hanger door was opened today, the new-look plane could be seen.

The plane, which is used by Boris Johnson and members of the royal family for international travel has been repainted to “better represent” the UK abroad. The work has been carried out by Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group over the last couple of weeks. The Airbus 330 jet was re-purposed for use by the UK government in 2015 at a cost of £10 million. It was first used to take David Cameron and other ministers to the Nato summit in Poland in July 2016.

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