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An inventor has collaborated with BBC’s Top Gear to build a BUDGET Bond car, complete with FLAME throwers and an internal INVISIBILITY system.

YouTuber Colin Furze made the impressive car for the TV motor show in five weeks on a budget of just £7,000. Colin, from Lincolnshire, bought the 2000 BMW Z3 second hand for £4,000, then added his own unique modifications to turn it into a car fit for 007. He added flame throwers to the front grille and an internal invisibility system, which fills the car with theatrical smoke.

The car can also oil its own wheels to enable it to drift more easily and there is a secret button on the gear stick, which provides snacks by firing a biscuit out of the stereo. At the back of the vehicle there are two guns attached to the rear bumper and a hidden fifth wheel, which drops out of the bumper to allow the car to pivot on its front wheels.

“The fifth wheel makes it very handy for parallel parking and helps to aim the guns. It’s great fun to drive and the front flame throwers work really well,” said Colin. “All the switches are on the dashboard or hidden in the glove compartment. Despite the modifications, it would still pass its MOT so it’s still road legal, but we’ve only driven it on airfields of course.”

The current series of Top Gear on BBC One featured a Bond car special in episode two, showcasing cars from the films and the presenters dressed as iconic characters. Colin is renowned for his inventions, including the world’s fastest mobility scooter, a drivable hot tub car and an underground beach hut.

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