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Ed Sheeran has applied for permission to build a BURIAL CHAMBER under the floor of his new place of worship which is under construction on his sprawling estate in East Suffolk.

The pop star could be BURIED in the grounds of his Framlingham home if the burial zone is given the go ahead by officers at east Suffolk District Council. Plans show the burial area would be “accessed through a slab” in the floor of Sheeran’s private place of retreat which has been “carefully modelled with curved walls on plan and in elevation, which give it a sweeping boat shaped feel.” The burial zone, which would be at the back of the building, would measure 2.71 metres by 1.8 metres which is around the size of a double grave plot.

Sheeran originally failed to get permission for a chapel in his garden but in 2019 he submitted scaled down plans which were met with approval by his neighbours, as well as the parish council. Construction has just started on the new building “for contemplation and prayer” which is on the north of Sheeran’s main house, Wynneys Hall, and close to the eastern boundary of the estate. Scaffolding has been put up and the tall tower, which is at one end of the building, is currently under construction.

Sheeran burial tomb Sun Cutting

The building will have a lobby and a nave downstairs, with a spiral staircase to a small gallery, and a main space for contemplation and activity to the east “which being linked with the rising of the sun is relevant both in the Abrahamic and oriental traditions and in the more environmentally led philosophies of the present day.” The place of worship will have a lead roof, flint walls and stained glass windows. The roof is leaf-shaped and the original plans say the design is “reflective of shapes and forms that are familiar to all, allowing each person to interpret its symbolism freely in their own way, which reflects the principle of it being multi use and non-denominational.”

The original application stated it would: “address an important need for a private place of retreat for contemplation and prayer, for celebration of key life and family milestones, family and social gatherings, marriages, christenings and so forth.” It said Sheeran had guests visiting from around the world, who all have different faiths and customs and he wanted to provide a space in which he, his family and these visitors could retreat to for “contemplation, prayer and relaxation, to meet, celebrate and meditate in peace and safety from disturbance.”

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