worlds-biggest-breakfast-3A man has become the FIRST person to eat the world’s BIGGEST English breakfast.

Steven Magee, 29, is the only person in six years who has been able to demolish the giant fry-up, which weighs a whopping THREE KILOS.

At least 60 customers have tried to devour The Big One, which contains a heart-stopping 7,500 calories – THREE TIMES the recommended daily amount for an average male.

The gut-busting breakfast includes three sausages, three beef burgers, three fried eggs, three rashers of bacon, three slices of black pudding, three square sausages, three portions of beans and three portions of mushrooms.

It is accompanied by three potato waffles, three potato scones, three hash browns, three portions of fried bread, three rounds of bread and butter and three rounds of toast.

The big breakfast takes up the whole three foot griddle when it is cooked at the Hungry Hossee Café in Corby, Northants, and is offered for FREE to anyone that manages to eat every mouthful.

The café has a wall full of photos of customers who have taken on the challenge, but Steven is the first to have succeeded.

“I’ve been in the café lots of times before and this time I decided to give it a shot,” said Steven, from Corby, Northants, who admits he usually just has a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

“It was a serious challenge and I very nearly backed down, I think it was sheer will power that kept me going. I was absolutely determined to eat everything on the plate so I convinced myself I could do it and amazingly I did.”

It took Steven one hour and 20 minutes and six mugs of tea to eat the breakfast blow-out, which normally costs £12.

“I started off alright but it got harder and harder to keep eating and a couple of times I almost gave up,” he said. I’m quite tall but I don’t normally eat big meals, I just like to take on a challenge. I’ve eaten a 48 ounce steak before but apart from that I have a normal appetite. A few of my mates, who are much bigger than me, have tried to eat all the breakfast before and not managed so I’m really pleased to have succeeded.”

Worlds Biggest Breakfast

Café owner Shelaine Agnes Crabtree said the massive breakfast, which takes 15 minutes to cook, had been on the menu for the last six years.

“In more than six years we have never had anyone else clear their plate,” she said. “Roughly once a month someone attempts it so we’ve had about 60 people try. One man got close, but he left half a sausage, two slices of toast and three slices of bread and butter.”

She said the rules were that you could take as long as you wanted to finish, but you could not share or drop anything on the floor.

“We have a camera with a monitor in the kitchen which we watch to make sure there is no cheating,” she said. “Steven did really well and we were all there cheering him on. He seemed very determined and focused. We have now put his picture on the wall and the challenge is now to eat it in a faster time than Steven.”

Steven added: “I wouldn’t mind trying the challenge again, but not for a while.”

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