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A couple enjoyed a “magical” white winter wedding after they were caught in EIGHT INCHES of snow following a freak BLIZZARD. Carly and Chris Atwill were thrilled when their wish for snow came true and their wedding venue was turned into a winter wonderland.

Wedding photographer Paul Liddement captured a series of stunning shots of the newly-married couple in the grounds of Lartington Hall in Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham. The snow began falling at the start of the wedding ceremony and when they emerged an hour later it was an incredible eight inches deep.

3 white wedding“We were absolutely thrilled when we saw the snow, it felt so magical,” said Carly, 30, from nearby Staindrop, who works in the family business making and selling Land Rover parts. “We stayed at Lartington Hall overnight and when we woke up it was spitting with rain and grey and miserable, so we weren’t expecting much from the weather. Then at around 10am it started to sleet and gradually got heavier and heavier and began settling on the grass. After the ceremony we went outside and it looked so magical, the snow was about eight inches deep and as we stood outside it settled on my dress and there was an inch on our umbrella.”

The couple bravely posed outside for some pictures taken by Paul, 36, who has been photographing weddings for three years but never done a snowy wedding before. He said: “By the time we came out of the ceremony it was a blizzard and the grounds looked beautiful. The snow was coming down thick and fast, so we couldn’t spend much time out there, but I was really pleased with the results.”

Afterwards the couple went inside to warm up and Carly was given towels to dry herself off and a big fur wrap. “All our guests couldn’t believe it when they saw the snow, we could see them all lining up taking photos of us,” said Carly. “It was cold in my dress, but I loved it as it was so magical and special.”

Groom Chris, 31, an A&E doctor, said: “It all feels like a bit of a dream now as we are on honeymoon and there is no snow about. We had really hoped it would snow but we knew the chances were very slim as there hadn’t been snow like this for five years. It all worked out perfectly as it stopped snowing by late afternoon so the guests could all get home.”

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