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Flying Dogs
A new book shows DOGS of all shapes and sizes FLYING through the air – just like the bouncing boxer dog in the John Lewis Christmas advert.

Julia Christe, 43, has photographed more than 121 airborne canines, from tiny Chihuahuas to full-grown Siberian Huskies, in her book, Flying Dogs. The photographer spent two weekends taking hilarious pictures of a whole host of pups in mid-flight and the photos show the athleticism and freedom of dogs leaping in the air. She scoured dog shows, dog schools and vets for her models, who were each dropped by their owners from a very low height onto a mattress.

“The expression on their faces mostly reflects the surprise of the first flight, and in most cases the first jump provided the best pictures,” said Julia. “We used a wind machine to help the effects for the long-haired dogs and I was really pleased with the photos.”

Julia began her Flying Dogs project as a student in Berlin in 2006 and was then commissioned to do a series of similar photos for an advertising campaign for a veterinary product. The photos went viral on the Internet in 2014 and she was approached to make them into a book, which has now been published by Simon and Schuster and costs £7.99.

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