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Britain’s Tornado jets were being prepared at an airfield in Norfolk as they get ready to join the Syrian air strikes – following today’s special cabinet meeting.

Engineers were seen checking over the fighter jets at RAF Marham as Theresa May and her cabinet draw up plans for British Military action in Syria. She is holding a council of war at Downing Street this afternoon to decide exactly what role Britain should play in a US-led attack on the Syrian regime.

The jets are on standby to fly out out to the RAF Akrotiri base in Cyprus depending on the outcome of this afternoon’s meeting. Britain has six Typhoon fighter jets, eight GR4 Tornado aircraft and one air-to-air Voyager refuelling tanker based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.

Around 20 miles away from Marham, at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, American F15 jets were also being prepared and seen flying out of the base.

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