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A vicious SWAN attacked swimmers in a river as they competed in a triathlon.

The male swan was seen anding on the competitors and sitting on their HEADS as they took part in the Triathy 2018 event in the River Barrow in Athy, County Kildare in Ireland. Photographer Michael O’Rourke was photographing the swimmers when he noticed the swan warning them off in the centre of the river.

He said: “The swan and its partner is nesting on the river with two cygnets and I think he was warning the swimmers to stay away from his family. I saw him go from one group of swimmers to another as the female swan and babies swam close by. It was tough for the swimmers.”

The annual triathlon, which is in its 12th year and featured 2000 entrants, took place last weekend. Participants could choose one of four events to compete in, swimming between 200 metres and 3,000 metres.

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