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Press Cutting
Police have caught a man driving WITHOUT a steering wheel while sitting on a BUCKET.

Officers said they were “speechless” when they discovered the motorist was steering with a pair of MOLE GRIPS and was driving a car with no front seat. Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing stopped the man in King’s Lynn in Norfolk and have reported him “for too many offences to mention.”

They later tweeted their shock and showed photos of the car: “Whist in patrol in #KingsLynn the West team couldn't believe their eyes when they came across this vehicle being driven on a road...

“The team were speechless when they realised the "bucket seat" was not the usual one they see and even more shocked to see the driver was steering with a pair of mole grips. Driver has been reported for too many offences to mention and vehicle has been seized.”

The car has now been seized.

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