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The GRANDSON of vicious swan Mr Asbo is following in his grandfather’s footsteps after terrorising a baby GOSLING on the River Cam – as tourists looked on in horror.

The feathered fiend, who is now a fully-fledged swan, was spotted attacking the frightened baby Canada goose, who became separated from his parents and siblings. The savage swan, who was nicknamed Asbaby as a youngster when he pecked petrified punters on the famous Backs, appears to now be worse than ever.

He was seen grabbing the baby in his beak and viciously swinging it around after the gosling momentarily lost his parents when the family swam under a bridge. But the parent geese soon saw what was going on and fought back to protect their baby, even enlisting more geese to help in the fight. The geese flapped their wings and squawked until Asbaby eventually dropped the frightened gosling back in the water. All three babies are believed to have survived.

Tourists, who were punting on the river, were horrified as they watched the distressing scene play out.

Asbaby is now believed to be even more vicious than his grandfather Mr Asbo, who was moved to a secret location by the river authorities in 2012 after he repeatedly attacked rowers.

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