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Colin Furze left his job as a plumber 10 YEARS AGO and is now a world-famous YouTuber with a Diamond play button and 11 million followers.

Over the last decade he has broken six WORLD RECORDS, amassed more than one billion views on his YouTube site and is the 30th most subscribed to channel in the UK. Colin, 41, has become renowned for his wacky inventions, which he builds at his home in Lincolnshire and include a driveable hot tub car, underground beach hut and an ejector bed.

He was the first person to become a full time “maker” on You Tube and two years ago he was named the fifth “most influential British influencer” by The Sunday Times. Colin set up his YouTube channel in 2006 and his Wall of Death was the first video he made specifically for the website. YouTube shared the video on its homepage and by the end of the week his subscribers had grown from 300 to 3000.

In 2010 Colin created the world’s fastest mobility scooter, which featured in almost every national paper. His subsequent video showing the scooter in the snow went viral, with over a million views in just a few days. The following year he was snapped up by Sky’s Gadget Geeks and has since worked with a host of big named brands, including

  • Ford Motor Company,
  • Shell,
  • Disney Star Wars,
  • Yorkshire Tea,
  • eBay,
  • Disney Marvel and
  • Top Gear.

His world records include the biggest bonfire, the longest motorbike, the fastest mobility scooter, the fastest pram, the fastest toilet and the fastest dodgem.

Colin is also a double Shed of the Year winner for his garden shed workshop, which he built in 2009 and his underground bunker, which was built under his garden in 2015.

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