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The Queen has launched her first DOG BISCUITS made with venison and game from her Royal Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

Her Majesty, who is an avid animal lover and has had pet dogs since she was a child, is selling the new dog treats in her estate shop. The biscuits, which are baked locally, are called Game Bones and come in a paper bag with the Royal crest.

The packaging says: “Complementary Dog Food & Occasional Treats for Dogs” and states they are “additive and preservative free” as well as “tasty” and a “training aid.” She has also launched a Queen Elizabeth pets range of dog accessories made from Sandringham Royal Tweed and leather.

Pooches in the parkland can look effortlessly stylish while enjoying a walk, wearing an elegant coat made in Sandringham Royal Tweed or a smart leather collar with matching lead. Dogs of all shapes and sizes can snooze on Sandringham fleece blankets or cosy up for the night on a Tweed dog bed. The 11-piece collection includes a leather key tag, a leather clip, accessory pouch, bandana, bone toy, treat pouch and collar, all ranging from £6.00 to £49.99.

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