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A baby blackbird got lucky when it came across Britain's worst ever bird-catching cat.

The heroic hatchling escaped without even ruffling its feathers after the cat made numerous attempts to catch him - but failed. 

Rare DogsThese five cute puppies have helped to make it a record year for Britain's most endangered breed of dog.

Only 1,000 Glen of Imaal terriers are left in the world - less than the Giant Panda.


A pooch pilot with more than 250 flying hours has become the only dog in the UK to have her own crew card.

Canine captain Callie, a chocolate Labrador, has flown a massive 50,000 miles around the country with owner Graham Mountford in his Cessna 210 Centurion.

CatAn overjoyed owner told today (Thurs) how her cat survived an incredible seven weeks without food or water trapped under the floorboards of the house next door.

Miracle moggy Harry vanished from his home just before Christmas.

Badger CuttingOne of the OLDEST cricket clubs in the WORLD has been forced to cancel their season after the entire pitch was dug up and destroyed by BADGERS.

Rickmansworth Cricket Club, which has been in existence since 1787, was due to start its season on April 20 but a colony of badgers has left huge holes in 50 square metres of the manicured turf.

Micro PigsTiny pigs the size of tea cups are the latest pet craze sweeping across Britain.

The must-have micro pigs have become so popular they are almost impossible to get hold of in the UK and sell for up to £700 each.

Marion and Neal with ChesterA mischievous puppy has escaped death TWICE after swallowing a FROG and a COW.

Vets were shocked when they x-rayed golden Labrador Chester and found a 10-cm plastic frog toy filling his stomach.

Then just six weeks later owners Marion and Neale Clarke had to take the 21-month-old pup back to the vets after he ate a squeaky cow toy.

“Both times we knew he had swallowed a toy, but we weren’t exactly sure what,” said Mr Clarke. “The vets were rather shocked when they did the x-ray and saw the frog with its huge goggle eyes. None of us could believe he had managed to swallow such a big toy.”

Fighting HorsesIt may look like the plains of America but incredibly this rare shot of two wild stallions sparring was snapped in the English countryside.

The two konik horses were spotted fighting on the wetlands of Wicken Fen just 10 miles away from the city of Cambridge. The stallions reared up and boxed with their hind legs in a sight which has rarely been seen in Britain for 4,000 years when the last herds of wild horses roamed these fields.

Dog on motorbike cuttingA petrol head pooch is living life in the fast lane after his motorbike-mad owners bought him his own SIDECAR.

Harley, a 17-month-old St Bernard, even has his own crash hat and doggles to go “motorbarking” on the side of the Honda Gold Wing 1200 at speeds of up to 55mph.

Paralysed Pup Walks AgainA dog who was paralysed has taken his first steps after pioneering treatment by scientists at Cambridge University.

Experts hope the procedure could eventually be used to help humans with severe spinal injuries after its success in getting pet pooch Henry back on his feet.

Cow on football pitchA COW was given a red card by a startled referee after it invaded the pitch during a football game.

The two tonne cow charged at the 22 stunned players just 10 minutes into the adult league football game in the village of Potterspury, Bucks

Bravest Mouse In BritainIs this the bravest little field mouse in Britain?

The tiny creature turned into the mouse that roared after a cat ventured too near his nest.

The mighty mouse stood up and let out his loudest squeak despite being just a cat’s whisker away from death.

Dog who survived train hitA dog hit by an 80mph express train has miraculously recovered after three operations, £14,000 of vets’ bills and hundreds of SWIMMING lessons.

Tyler, a five-year-old Gordon Setter, was left with a smashed pelvis, broken back leg and shattered toes after he amazingly survived when he was hit by the non-stop Stansted train.

DalmationsThis is what it’s like taking 18 playful dalmatian pups for a walk.

The world record-breaking litter gave owner Adam Morley a ruff time when he took them for a play in the park.

Deaf dog and ownerA DEAF dog has amazed trainers by beating of thousands of non-disabled dogs to pass the toughest obedience award in the UK – after learning sign language.

Top dog Zippy, a two-year-old black and white Boston Terrier, was born profoundly deaf and for the first months of his life he was trapped in a world of his own.

DalmationsA Dalmation has broken the world record by producing a massive 33 puppies in just two separate litters.

Button equalled the UK's record of 15 puppies in one litter just over a year ago and now she has knocked spots off that with another amazing 18.

Cat with the loudest purrPet cat Smokey is believed to have the LOUDEST PURR in the world - with piercing purrs as loud as a LAWNMOWER.

Most cats purr at around 25 decibels but Smokey’s powerful purrs average an amazing 80 DECIBELS.

Ducklings Journey To RiverCustomers had a surprise when they encountered a proud mother duck and her 11 ducklings waddling through a charity shop.

The fluffy new family had to be escorted to safety by staff after they hatched on an 8ft wall in the backyard of the Kidney Research UK charity outlet in St Ives, Cambs.