Giant RoosterA giant ROOSTER growing out of a hedge is causing motorists to be COCK-A -HOOT HOOT HOOT.

The amazing cockerel-shaped tree has been causing commuters to do a double take as it struts its stuff at the side of a busy road.

With its perfect plumage and beak it looks like it has been perfectly pruned, but the bird has simply been sculpted by the sun and wind.

“It was quite a surprise when I drove round the corner and saw a huge cockerel in front of me,” said Rachel Jones, 24, from Cambridge.

“It really made me laugh. I can’t believe it has just been formed naturally, it looks like someone has spent hours forming it.”

Motorist Kevin Adams, 30, added: “I’ve heard of the chicken that crosses the road, but didn’t imagine I would actually see one on my way to work.”

Standing 50ft above the ground in the small village of Milton, Cambs, the cockerel looks like he is ruling the roost.

And the natural phenomenon has stunned tree experts.

“It looks just like a cockerel, but in fact it’s just a hedgerow tree that has been so smothered in ivy that it has formed that shape,” said Bob Widd, an arboriculturalist with Global Tree Solutions in Offord Cluny, Cambs.

“Trees can grow in all shapes and sizes it just depends on the soil and their habitat and how they are affected by the wind and the sun.

“You see lots of oddly shaped trees in my job. I’ve seen one that looks like an elephant and a lot of old elm trees can look like they have faces in their trunks.”

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