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Fields of golden daffodils are putting on a fine display for Mother’s Day with plenty of flowers ready for the weekend.

Little three-year-olds Lacie Tilbrook, Logan Brezinski and Olivia Munton skipped between the rows of yellow blooms at Taylor’s Bulbs in Spalding, Lincolnshire as the south enjoyed a sunny Spring day. Daffodils have arrived two weeks early this year, due to the mild winter weather and farmers have picked plenty for Mother’s Day this weekend.

“The daffodils are looking great this year and we have lots of flowers ready for Mother’s Day,” said Kevin Haynes, horticultural manager at Taylor’s Bulbs. “Spring is here, the weather is getting better and daffodils really brighten up people’s houses. They are particularly good to give to people who are having to self-isolate and spend a lot of time in their homes at the moment.”

The farm grows 400 acres of daffodils in around 20 fields and has around 564 different varieties.

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